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A Nashville native who has been making music for 20 years. In 2009, 10XP was on the road with his band 10Deepp-X-Perience, under management, and everything seemed perfect for him to reach the next level. However, after a bad accident with a semi-truck and the birth of his son, 10 reluctantly decided it was time to move away from music. He started his own marketing and video production company, and in the process rededicated his life to Christ. Music was always a part of what he was doing, but God put a larger call on his life to make music that inspired and uplifted people. Fighting it tooth and nail, 10 was initially unwilling to follow this call. In 2017 his mother, who 10 was very close with, died suddenly leaving a void in his life.
10 has 2 kids and began to think about their future and his legacy which led him to decide that life was too short and answering God’s call would be the best thing for him and his family. So, in 2018 10 decided to come out of retirement and start a new journey in music that ultimately gave glory to God. Thus, the next chapter has begun. Pulling from his time on the streets, and the struggles that he went through, 10 can connect with the audience by providing a real-life experience of what dedication to Christ looks like and give hop that things will get better and this too shall pass. 10 is willing to walk whatever road the Lord has for him and knows that even if his music touches 1 person then it was worth it. It’s not about the money, fame, or even the acknowledgement, this time it’s all about God’s will and pointing people to the solution instead of the problem. 10 is God’s number for completeness in divine order. XP stands for the eXPeriences gained along that road of Completion. 10XP has been through the fire, stood in the rain, and now can tell the world how he weathered the storm. 10XP is Nashville Hip-Hop, and he is here to stay!

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My Story

10XP – Nashville Hip Hop! I offer life songs and love songs while giving glory to God. It’s not just Christian rap, it’s real rap. I’m a real sinner saved by the grace & covered by the blood of Jesus. I’ve been everything you want me to be and now I’m ready to be everything God wants me to be.
I grew up poor in a single parent home as a bi racial child with a white mom in the projects. I’ve lost many loved ones, done many wrong things and still have many faults, but by the grace of God I’m able to find wisdom through my pain and perspective in my triumphs that I pour out on each song.
I don’t know what the future holds, but the God gave me a gift to share with the world.. so here you go!